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Bubble Tea is a delicious and flavoured drink that contains a tea-based mixed with milk or fruit juice and the chewy tapioca balls. This is a Taiwanese-tea based drink invented in Tainan in the 1980s. It became prevalent in Japan and Hong Kong, and from there International Traders interest grew, and they took it across North America. Bubble tea is a well-balanced drink that truly refreshes with its countless flavours ranging from fruit-based ones to milk flavours. The tapioca balls, also known as Pearls or Boba are soft jelly-like spheres in Bubble tea made up of cassava root. However, the true name of the Bubble Tea came from the delicious presence of tapioca balls in it. 

bubblycious offers Bubble Milk Tea in which the non Dairy base is flavourly blended with ice resulting in slushie like drinks. One of our most popular menu choices is the Taro Milk Tea, which is also the top seller worldwide, a blend of Taro (a root similar to a sweet potato), milk (non-dairy creamer), and freshly steeped special green tea with tapioca. If you’re curious to taste something amazing, go with the innovative Bubble tea at bubblycious ready to make you experience the unique drink.

With a base of green or black tea, our delicious drinks are described as a nudge along the evolutionary scale. To discover what they mean, you'll just have to try it for yourself. Also, please remember that balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and your favourite Bubblycious® drink should be enjoyed as an occasional treat.

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